Quick Tips to Learn Spanish Adjectives List

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Easy Vocabulary Builder with Words that are Similar in English

Here is a quick Spanish vocabulary builder, that I write my essay about, focusing on Spanish adjectives which are the same or similar in English. Help make learning Spanish easy with these tips.

Many words are the same in English and Spanish, or at least similar enough to be instantly recognizable. It is easy to increase Spanish vocabulary by remembering the following tips. These Spanish adjectives change only slightly, and follow a general pattern which simply involves changing the English word ending.

College Essay Writer's Quick Tips: Spanish Adjectives Ending in "BLE" are Similar in English

English adjectives ending in "-ble" are often similar or the same in Spanish. These are perfect as a Spanish vocabulary builder. Remember to always put the stress on the second to last syllable. For example, horrible in Spanish is pronounced horEEEblay, while "notable" is notAAAblay. Here are some more:

Adjectives in Spanish ending in "NTE" are Similar to English Words ending in "NT"

Learn Spanish quickly with the following tips. Again, remember the word stress on the second to last syllable:

Learn Spanish Quick Tips: Put an "O" on the End of English Words for the Spanish Adjective

According to essay service experts, there are many words in English ending in "-ic" which simply need an added "o" at the end to give the Spanish counterpart. Here, place the word stress on the accented letter, for example, on the á in fantástico.

As with the above, many English words ending in "-id" simply need an added "o". The same stress rule applies:

Learn Spanish Quick Tips: Take an "E" off the English Word to get the Spanish Adjective

Taking an "e" off the end of the following English words ending in "-ile" gets the Spanish adjective.

Swapping "IVE" for "IVO": Quick Tips for Building Spanish Vocabulary

Many English words ending in "-ive" are similar in Spanish: just change the "-ive" for "-ivo".

Swapping "OUS" for "OSO": Easy Spanish Vocabulary Builder

Finally, English words that end with "-ous" are often similar in Spanish but with the ending changing to "-oso".

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Learn Spanish Quick and Easy with These Spanish Vocabulary Builder Tips

The above should hopefully help to give a head start to anybody learning Spanish. Literally, hundreds if not thousands of words are very similar, if not the same, in both English and Spanish. Learning the Spanish adjectives above should give a confidence boost to the learner as well as a huge boost to their Spanish vocabulary.

If trying to learn Spanish alone, or with a group, try thinking of some more adjectives in English that may apply to the general tips above. Interesting additional words will be found, as well as exceptions to the rule. Use an English-Spanish dictionary to search for the words: if they do not conform to the rules above, at least a new word has been found! Add it to an exceptions list.

This is a good project for a Spanish teacher to give to students in order to build vocabulary. Perhaps a study assignment could be set in the form of a competition, with a prize for the student who finds the newest adjectives with English similarities.

The above examples are also ideal for practicing Spanish pronunciation. The adjective lists can be used to learn the word stress forms of Spanish words. Word stress, stressing the correct syllable in any given word, is absolutely vital in Spanish conversation. If students can learn the correct pronunciation of these adjectives they will benefit greatly in a conversational situation. Try a rhyming game with the above examples; students will quickly pick up the rhythm of the words.

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Thank you so much for letting me take a part of your time. I hope you enjoyed my writing! Kind regards, Edward M. Attwell!


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